Freenom tutorial

Follow the next steps to configure Freenom to your hosting/website.


First of all, login in Freenom:

  1. Access to Freenom webpage

  2. Insert your credentials

Register domain

Here, you will learn how to create a new domain.

  1. Click in Domains > Register a New Domain

  2. Pick a name for your domain. .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq domains are free. Seize the opportunity!

  3. Once the choice is done, click in Checkout

  4. For now, we will configure the domain to forward the request to a website. You can pick any valid address, for example: Later, we will configure your domain to point to the hosting. You can also choose the expiry date. When done, Click Continue

  5. Complete the checkout, by clicking in Complete Order. Don't forget to accept the Terms & Conditions.

  6. And then, will be shown a message with the order of your new domain.

Configure domain

Now it is time to configure your new domain to point to the hosting.

  1. Click in Domains > My Domains

  2. Find the domain that you want configure and then click in Manage Domain

  3. Access to Management Tools > Nameservers

  4. Select Use default nameservers and then press the button Change Nameservers.

    By doing this will allow to use frenom nameservers to provide DNS resolution for your website.

  5. Then you are redirected to the Management Domain page.

    Click Manage Freenom DNS

  6. Here your will configure your domain and submain to point to the hosting.

    You can enter names that you want for subdomain, or even leave it empty Usually you want to configure the empty subdomain and www subdomain. This will allow to the users to access to your websites with addresses like or

    You can configure subdomains like

    To do so, insert the subdomain name in the column Name, select CNAME on the Type column, the TTL can be the default value and the Target column should have the value

    To add more subdomains, click on More Records.

    When you have completed, click on Save Changes to the new settings take place.

  7. A status message is shown and also your subdomains. You can later add more.

    The domain will take some time to be working. Usually take less than 1 hour. If after 24 hours still it is not working maybe something is not configured correctly. You can contact us via email if you cannot solve the problem.

  8. Congratulations, now you can use your new domain!!!